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Online Programmes

Delivered by trained experts, our live online classes are fun, engaging, and skill-focused. We offer a variety of courses ranging from examination prep, creative writing, English language training, and other technique building learning, to boost your child's English, creativity, and confidence.


Early Learners

Your child will learn by playing, exploring, and participating through creative and critical thinking. This course prepares your child for kindergarten and preschool.


Communication Arts

Your child will develop social, emotional, and presentation skills and learn to be expressive. This course enhances confidence in all communication.


Performing Arts

Your child will develop singing, dancing, and acting skills. This course enhances self-discipline and encourages appreciation for music and stagecraft.


Visual Arts

Your child will develop strong visual awareness and refine fine motor skills. This course promotes decision-making and fosters creativity and appreciation in overall learning.


Step Ahead™

Step Ahead™ provides students aged 3 – 6 years with the opportunity to enjoy more diverse learning experiences and enhance their education and all-round development. The programme covers areas including drama, communication, art, design and technology.

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