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General FAQs


  • What is the class size? Depending on the age of students and class content, we generally welcome a minimum of 2 students and maximum of 12 students in a class, and ensure that teacher: student ratios are suitable for effective learning. 

  • Is the teaching effective with only one student in the class and no interaction with other children? With only one child, teachers can get to know their students better, and can build stronger relationships. The class will remain open for enrolment and you can refer a friend to join us! 

  • How does a teacher effectively teach over 10+ students? Large classes are generally high energy, fun, and exciting and are required for some courses to stimulate learning and teamwork. They provide students with opportunities to collaborate and learn from others. 

  • Can my child still catch up and learn effectively if they enrol in the middle of the term? Yes, our teachers will help them to catch up and review any content that they have missed. They will receive the full term’s curriculum. 

  • How many classes does my child need to attend before an exam or special event? This varies for each child, but we recommend a minimum of two terms (four months) for positive results. 

  • Can I make up missed classes due to bad weather? We are unable to offer make-up classes due to enforced closures beyond our control, including black rain and typhoon signal number 8 and higher. 



  • Do you provide certificates after attending your classes? Certificates or reference letters are provided upon request. Productions and events often include certificates for participants. 



  • What structure is used to teach my child both regular course and additional exam materials during class time? Usually, part of the class is devoted to teaching regular curriculum, and part of the class covers practice with exam content. 

  • How do all children learn effectively if the age range for a class or workshop is broad? All the curriculum and teaching methods for our classes and workshops are planned thoroughly in advance and teachers are experienced in catering specifically to the children in the class. Depending on the content and the ages of the children, teachers ensure that every child participates fully and maximises their own learning. 


Productions and events 

  • Why is there an additional production fee for my child to perform or participate? The production fee is in addition to regular tuition fees and ensures that our students have outstanding opportunities to perform in professional theatres and other venues as well as receive other direct benefits. 

  • Do I have to purchase the show costumes? I have similar clothes and shoes at home. Most productions and events have specific costume requirements to ensure the successful overall visual image of the event. If you believe that your child already owns certain costume items, there is no need to buy new ones. However, final decisions rest with the production and event organisers. 



  • Can my child attend the class if they are underage but have high ability? We aim to provide an effective and consistent learning environment for children grouped within a similar age range. However, each child may be assessed on their individual ability and parents may request this option. 

  • Can my child be in a lower-level class even if overage, based on my assessment of my child's ability? Yes, you can. We instruct students in accordance with their aptitude and teachers continually assess the student’s development for progression. 

  • Can my child progress to the next level after passing an exam or having a birthday and becoming one year older? It is most effective for students’ learning to complete the full curriculum at each level before progressing to the next level. You may liaise with your child’s teacher for direct and ongoing feedback. 

  • Can the parent/caregiver sit inside the classroom for the first few classes since my child cannot adjust? Except for Playgroup, students are encouraged to attend classes by themselves to help them develop independence. Our well-trained teachers will assist them to adjust fully. Parents/caregivers are welcome to stay nearby on the premises should they be required. 

  • What if my child's native language is not English and they may not understand everything in class? Our teaching methods arouse students' interest and provide them with the motivation to learn. Teachers help students to understand with gestures and different teaching materials as well as language. A creative and nurturing atmosphere is the ideal environment to learn a new language. 

  • What do teachers do if a child keeps crying in class and continue to focus on their teaching? All our teachers are qualified and professionally training in classroom management. If a student is disrupting a class in any way, the teacher will assess the situation and act accordingly. If necessary, an assistant teacher or other staff will supervise the child in order to avoid disrupting the others int he class. 

  • Another student in the class is affecting my child's experience. How can you help? Please reach out to your child’s teacher to discuss with them personally or contact your Campus Manager to investigate the issue. We always strive to provide excellent learning experiences to every child. 



  • Are all your teachers NET? Yes, our teachers have native proficiency in English and provide students with exposure to an international learning and cultural environment. 


Tuition fees 

  • Do I have to pay the Membership Fee? The Membership Fee entitles your child to join our Kids’ Gallery community and receive all the associated benefits. Every child is required to pay the annual fee when they first join.  

  • Can I pay class by class or for a partial term only rather than for a whole term? You may pay for one class as a trial, but regular enrolment is by term in order to complete the full curriculum for most effective learning. 

  • Can I receive a refund for class/events cancellation/changes? We are unable to offer refunds, but depending on the specific circumstances, you may request a credit to your family account or arrange make-up classes in any of our classes and centres subject to availability. 

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