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In the Spotlight

Kids’ Gallery and our team are often featured in the media as examples of pioneering experts in developing creativity and innovation in education. 

25 September 2021

Extracurricular activities – Miss Hong Kong Grace Chan brings her son, Rafael, to art classes of Kids’ Gallery


Many celebrities would enrol their children into extracurricular courses, and Grace Chan enrolled her son, Rafael, to Kids’ Gallery for a spectacular experience of creative education. Read more about her experience at Kids’ Gallery with her children.

25 August 2021

Miss Hong Kong Grace Chan cultivates her son’s (Rafael) art and music interests at Kids’ Gallery.


Grace Chan had to plan activities for her children over the summer and decided to enrol them into Kids’ Gallery’s Visual Arts and Musical Theatre courses. Read more about her experience at Kids’ Gallery with her children at Summer Camps.

16 August 2021

Kids’ Gallery’s three main disciplines – Unlocking children’s infinite ways to be creative


There isn’t a set path for children’s growth, same goes for potential in different disciplines of art. Kids’ Gallery founder, Joanna Hotung, founded Kids’ gallery in 1996 to promote and instil the three C’s (Creativity, Confidence, Curiosity) to children. Learn about content and courses within the disciplines offered at Kids’ Gallery.

19 July 2021

Ana R.’s favourite Kids’ Gallery moments and courses


Celebrity mom, model, and entrepreneur, Ana R., sat with us and shared her experiences and favourite moments of her daughter and son in Mills International Preschool and Kids’ Gallery.

23 June 2021

Joanna Hotung – instilling the 3C’s into the growth and development of her two daughters


Kids’ Gallery founder, Joanna Hotung, shares her parenting experience of instilling the 3C’s (Creativity, Confidence, Curiosity) into her children’s growth. Read more or watch the interview video here.

23 June 2021

Miss Hong Kong Grace Chan brings her son, Rafael, to Kids’ Gallery’s Visual Arts and Musical Theatre courses.


Outside of work, Grace has been focusing on taking care of her children, Rafael and Yannick. Read more about her experience at Kids’ Gallery with her children at Summer Camps.

22 June 2021

Creative Education’s one-stop shop – Performing, Communication, and Visual Arts at Kids’ Gallery


Looking to enrol your child into diverse and creative courses? Read about East Weekly’s recommendation of Kids’ Gallery courses and learn how children benefit from creative education.

22 June 2021

Kids' Gallery has been voted as the Best Arts & Crafts centre for the Whizpa Parents Popular Picks Awards 2021


As a pioneer in creative arts education for the past 25 years, we’re delighted to be awarded the Whizpa Limited Parents Popular Pick for Best Arts & Crafts centre 🎉 Thanks to all the parents who support us in our vision for enriched education for all children - spreading the power of creativity💡

20 May 2021

After-School Activity Leaders That Rock Hong Kong
Meet The Leaders In Hong Kong That Coach Your Kids


The team at Little Steps wanted to get the inside scoop from popular After-School Activity Leaders In Hong Kong, what inspired them to start their business, what do they want the kids to take away from their activities, and more! Check out Hong Kong’s Activity Leaders That Rock – find out what they’re all about!

30 April 2021

How Best to Balance Your Child's Social Media Screentime


As parents, how do we help our children to avoid being addicted to using mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, TVs, and computers? Other than setting a daily limit, what else can we do to make sure they are not spending too much time on the gadgets?

Find out top tips on how best to balance your child's social media screentime from the experts' point of view.

29 April 2021

A professional perspective (P.16)
Joanna Hotung, Founder and CEO at KG Group


"The art helps children anchor their experiences, explore freely, and make sense of their world and the issues around them."

15 March 2021

Hong Kong Mompreneurs Who Rock – Influencers In The City


In celebration of International Women’s Day, we at Little Steps are supporting and recognising some of Hong Kong’s incredible Mompreneurs! It’s no secret that this city is full of exceptional moms who take the term ‘busy’ to a whole new level. Read on to hear the story behind

19 February 2021

Independent art finds room to flourish in Hong Kong as young artists and creatives grab retail spaces left empty by the pandemic


Teacher Isabella Ng joins other artists and curators in taking the opportunity to experiment on their own terms as more affordable spaces open up, freeing them of creative confines.

19 April 2019

Should you be a snowplow or helicopter parent? Neither, believes Kids’ Gallery CEO Joanna Hotung


The Hong Kong educator discusses the importance of creativity in education and cuisine

4 February 2018

Joanna Hotung, Founder of Kids’ Gallery


CEO of Kids’ Gallery, Joanna Hotung shares her story, her inspirations, the best advice she has ever received, and more.

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