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Ana R.’s favourite Kids’ Gallery moments and courses

Celebrity mum, model, and entrepreneur Ana R. shares her family's experiences and favourite moments at Kids’ Gallery and Mills International Preschool.

Q: Why did you choose KG Group Education?

Ana R.: We chose Kids’ Gallery because my daughter (Maya) and my son (Ryan) attended Mills International, and they loved it so much; so when we heard about their Kids’ Gallery after-school activities, my daughter who just wanted to stay in school as long as she possibly could, immediately said: “Yes! I want to do their after-school activities!” That's how it all started and from there, we just kept going. Maya just loves it!

Q: What benefits you see in Kids’ Gallery's creative education versus what traditional education offers?

Ana R.: I think Kids’ Gallery is just amazing; and the one thing that I find to be truly amazing about Kids’ Gallery is my daughter's transformation. My daughter used to be very shy. She was always hiding behind me or underneath my skirt, because she was just very scared of meeting new people, approaching new people. She just didn't seem to know how to.

At Kids’ Gallery, they showed and taught her how to meet people, how to address things, how things are in different aspects of the world, and she just loved it. She loved the dancing side of it, she loved seeing that there is more to just saying hi, that there are different ways of her to say it.

And it's at Kids’ Gallery that Maya has been able to discover her personality and find different ways of expressing that and letting it shine, and that's something a lot of kids simply don't get the opportunity or know how to do.

Maya in Musical Theatre class
Maya in Musical Theatre class

Q. What did your kids get from the classes? From musical theatre?

Ana R.: Maya was in Pinocchio (Kids’ Gallery Musical Theatre Camp) two years ago and she was the Blue Fairy. She loved that experience so much she still talks about it to this day. She still wears the Blue Fairy dress on weekends: dancing, singing, and trying to remember all the songs even though it was from two years ago. She loves sharing it with her brother and tries to get Ryan involved in the whole production of it. Between the two of them, they actually put on little productions at home and I think it’s really cute! Q. Was Kids’ Gallery able to nurture your children's confidence, curiosity, and creativity? Ana R.: Kids’ Gallery helps children open doors that weren’t available to them or they weren't able to do before. And especially for shy children, children who might not have the experience of talking to adults, or not knowing how to talk to adults, Kids’ Gallery helps them develop and build the confidence to do this.

It helps children explore different activities, hone in on their curiosity to unleash the power of creativity they didn’t know they had in themselves. Kids’ Gallery is where they can have big imaginations. What Kids’ Gallery courses would you recommend to other parents to try and why? Ana R.: I would say, try them all, all of them, just to see which one suits your child because each course is very different. Ryan is going to be taking the younger courses, and I know he’s going to enjoy the Cars one, which I didn’t know they had before. I always thought the courses were more themed for girls, and that they only had dancing and theatre. Then I realised that the dancing and theatre were just part of what they had for the youngsters; they actually have a broad range of things for children in all different age groups, for all different types of kids. My son loves dinosaurs and Transformers, and they have it all -- the things he likes and also things that my daughter likes. They've got dancing, singing, art, and painting, and they find a way of putting all of that together. Every kid is just happy at Kids’ Gallery.

Stay tuned for the full interview video!

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