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3 hours per day, 2 days


  • On the Story: based on Disney’s animated film A Bug’s Life. It’s a peek into the life of ants and insects
  • On Life Lessons: teaches respect for those who are different from your group and the importance of communication, courage and the spirit of leadership


  • Performing Arts: theme -specific performance skills – Using imagination to explore different worlds, using the body to assume different characters, presenting with story with stage-worthy stance and vocal presence.
  • Visual Arts: Learn the life cycle of honey bees and take home a beehive LED candle holder for your child's bedside table
  • Communication Arts: Develop vocabulary through fun task sheets, games and roleplay to define leadership and the importance of working in a team as reflected in the story of A Bug’s Life.



  • Age: 3 - 6 years 
  • Class duration: 3 hours 
  • Classes:  2 sessions


We will contact you after payment to confirm your booking.

A Bug's Life


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