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Summer Camps Terms and Conditions


  • You may enrol online. We must receive the online form with full payment together or the reservation will be cancelled.

  • You may also enrol in person at any Kids' Gallery centre. If you wish to make any changes to a confirmed enrolment, please provide at least 14 days written notice before the Camp starts. A $100 administration fee will be applied per Camp.


  •  Tuition fees are payable when you submit the enrolment form. Places cannot be confirmed until full payment is received.

  • Please make payment by one of the following methods:

    • Online – Via PayPal. No PayPal account is required

    •  Bank deposit – HSBC account 0023377898. Email pay-in/ATM slip to us with your child’s name

    • Cash, cheque, and EPS – Pay at any of our centres


  • We will put your child on the waitlist if the Camp you request is full.

Make-Up Classes

  •  We cannot offer make-ups for missed classes.

Enforced Closures

  • We do not hold classes when the warnings for black rain or typhoon signal number 8 or higher have been raised, nor due to other government-mandated closures, civil disturbance, or outbreak of illness or contagion. Classes will generally resume two hours after warnings have been lifted. 

  • We are not able to arrange make-up classes for these or other enforced closures mandated by the Government of the HKSAR and beyond our control.

Accompanying Your Child

  •  In line with Social Welfare Department policy, we require all carers of children under three years to remain on the premises while their children are in class; waiting areas are provided.

Cancellation Policy

  • We are unable to give cash refunds for camps under any circumstances.

  • Please provide at least 14 days written notice before a Camp starts. There will be a $300 administration fee for cancellation per Camp. The remaining amount may be credited for future use. This credit will be forfeited 12 months from the date you requested the cancellation.

 Students’ Work

  • We reserve the right to dispose of or use any students’ work not collected within one month from the last class attended.


  • Parents may take photographs, videos, and recordings but only focusing on their own children and not on the other children in the class. Any media used must not cause a distraction to teachers, other children, or interrupt the class format, and may not be used for commercial or financial gain.

  • You must respect the proprietary nature of all the classes taught and not infringe on copyright, registration marks, and trademarks.

 Photos and Other Media 

  • We reserve the right to use photos, videos, and/or sound recordings of children and their artwork, performances, or classes, for teacher training,curriculum, and/or promotional purposes unless otherwise informed by you in writing.


  • All participants enrolled in activities do so at their own risk and the company is not responsible for any loss, damage, or injury to students or their guests as a result of participating in these activities.

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